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Support for Existing Clients

At Geoff and Francis, we take support for existing clients more seriously than sales for new clients. We have designed a rugged yet easily operable support system. All our existing clients are usually given an order ID, and the name and email ID of the lead consultant they are dealing with.

In case of feedback pertaining to the following issues, our clients can use the form at the footer of our website, mentioning the details, and we shall respond back within 4 working hours:

  • Delay in work delivery
  • Grammatically incorrect work
  • Copied work

However, in case of the following issues, our clients are requested to write in to us at info@geoffandfrancis.co.uk, and we shall revert back within one business day :

  • Delayed email reply
  • Revisions request
  • Request for phone call

Through our effective support for existing clients, we find that our clients are able to rely more on us and return back for newer services. You may choose to read our website’s FAQ section for further details about our working timings and days, as well as about our service terms.

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