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Meta Analysis

As “meta” itself means the most effective tactic available, Meta Analysis can be understood as an analysis which is more effective than other data analysis. It is the analysis of several data analysis by combining the different scientific results derived from those studies. The main task of meta analysis is to find, collect, study, interpret and draw conclusions from the studies related to the same research topic, you have chosen for your dissertation or thesis.

Majorly, meta analysis is used for scientific or medical studies where the chances of different outcomes and multiple errors can be easily expected in previous data studies. This provides all so more reason to conduct the meta analysis with much more focus and as much professionalism as you can. This analysis holds the power of changing important decisions that need to be made in crucial matters and therefore, it is recommended to get expert assistance in order to make sure that the analysis has not been performed poorly and is showing a biased result yet again.

Meta Analysis sets a statistical significance to the study and to derive a more accurate conclusion based on the different scientific outcomes. Geoff and Francis provide excellent services of meta analysis by our qualified data analysts who have years of experience in studying and analysing statistics and data.

What makes our Meta Analysis services excellent?

The experts at Geoff and Francis provide attention to details as we understand that any minute mistake can lead to a huge difference in the data evaluation. In order to provide a systematic and accurate result, our team uses PRISMA(Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta Analyses) model:

  • At first, we search for the relevant and related study material which is available on the research topic for the development of dissertation or thesis by using the appropriate keywords and applying a search strategy.
  • After the first result, we move onto the identification process and remove the duplicate research studies or information from the original searched number.
  • Once the duplicates have been removed, our team starts the screening process of the imported studies. This further narrows the research by selecting only the studies which are recent and provide the updated information.
  • Then comes the eligibility check, in which the studies collected are completely reviewed on the full-text basis and only the ones which seem significant after the thorough review gets included for the thesis or dissertation development.

We do not just use the PRISMA model to provide you with detailed and in-depth research for the studies, but our experts also use the updated version of RevMan (Review Manager) software to make sure that only the valid and thoroughly analysed data is provided in your meta-analysis.

  • We collect the shortened list of studies from our PRISMA result.
  • Then we put these studies one-by-one in our RevMan software.
  • To make sure that the filtration process stays within the standards, our experts set the context of the research.
  • After a thorough analysis, RevMan allows us to limit our research options to a further decreased number of the most relevant content and data.

Unlike the manual analysis, the analysis of software is not biased as per the personal ideas and pers[ectives. Our experts have years of experience in both manual and software based meta-analysis to provide services according to your preference. Therefore, in case you are struggling with the selection of studies or interpreting the analysis results, feel free to get in touch with our experts at info@geoffandfrancis.co.uk without stressing any further.