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NS2 Developer in the UK

For the perfect coding implementation of your research project, you can count on us.

NS2 is GNU GPLv2 licensed software serving as a discrete event network simulator, available for research and development use. NS2 primarily focuses on networking research and is widely preferred by the research community. This discrete stimulator is targeted at network research, and it focuses on modelling various network protocols, including satellite, wireless, and wired.

NS2 follows a discrete, event-driven approach to translate physical activities into events and to queue and process them in the scheduled occurrence order. The involvement of two professional languages, named OTcl and C++, offers versatility to the software. With C++, you will get fast packet processing and complete control. With OTcl, you will get a speedy writing and altering control.

At Geoff and Francis, we lend support to those students and researchers who are developing their researches or projects in NS2 (network simulator 2). If you are seeking an NS2 developer in the UK, then our team can surely help with both – the complete research in NS2 and the provision of solutions for problems pertaining to NS2. As an NS2 developer in the UK, we can help you implement the software and assist you in investigating a variety of new networking concepts. It can definitely give a boost to your fresh ideas and support your research positively.

Whether you are facing problems with wireless sensor domain or looking for NS2 implementation for PhD research project, we are at your service 24x7. For further enquiries or to get a quote, please write in to us at info@geoffandfrancis.co.uk or contact our project managers.