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For most thesis/dissertation authors, the stage of actual writing is a labour-intensive and time-consuming part of the entire process. This makes outlining and drafting of chapters imperative. It is highly essential that you draft each chapter in a concise manner so it can make a connection with all other chapters. Your thoughts and arguments throughout the thesis have to be presented and discussed with ease and should be focused around your main research problem.

We can say that with a draft of every chapter, you can

  • Discover what you want to convey in your study.
  • Identify your research requirements.
  • Organise thoughts and ideas in a clean and logical manner.
  • Seek feedback and advice from others.
  • Create a document that will, in due course, with revision, make a coherent dissertation.

We, at Geoff and Francis, prepare a comprehensive draft of all the chapters, starting with the introduction of study and literature review to end at the discussion of results and conclusion. We understand that a scholar needs a thesis draft that can receive instant approval by the review committee. Accordingly, our project managers allocate a team of writers, consultants, editors, and statisticians for every project. If you are also facing issues with certain chapters or the entire thesis, then you may approach us for thesis writing service by native UK writers. We hire British writers for thesis work, as they are natives and know the intricacies of UK research projects.

Our entire team starts its work by suggesting an array of reliable and relevant references for the study. They work upon drafting a proposal for your research document, where they choose a suitable topic and prepare the literature review.After the completion of literature review, they start with the draft of Data Analysis chapter that identifies the requirement of data, sources, and techniques. For this data collection process, our team prepares a questionnaire for survey and categorises the target group. Once the data has been collected, statisticians organise and arrange the data. Finally, it is analysed and the results and discussed and interpreted.

We keep you in the communication loop during the entire process if you choose to avail our services for the full thesis or even a single chapter. The work is subject to alteration, if necessary. Once you have gone through the chapters, you can revert to us for further additions or modifications. Our editors take care of your valuable feedback and finalise your dissertation as per the requirements and guidelines laid by your university. We promise to deliver an error-free, well-researched document for your PhD at affordable prices. For any query or assistance, contact us at info@geoffandfrancis.co.uk.