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Qualitative Analysis Service

Thematic analysis is a preliminary step used in qualitative research for not only examining and identifying themes within data, but also for analysing and recording those themes or patterns. Thematic analysis is done using a six-phase coding to create meaningful and established patterns.

These six phases are mentioned below:

  • Data familiarisation
  • Initial code generation
  • Theme search among codes
  • Theme review
  • Theme naming or defining
  • Report production

Designed as an advanced data analysis strategy for qualitative research, it helps researchers in reviewing their data, making notes, and moving the analysis from a broad reading of the data to developing themes and discovering patterns.

For researchers, who are aiming for broader patterns to conduct a fine grained analysis, we make use of this thematic data analysis technique as a preliminary step while offering our qualitative analysis service. We can conduct thematic analysis for any discipline or epistemology. At Geoff and Francis, we offer advanced thematic or qualitative analysis service at reasonable rates within expected time. With a team of proficient researchers and statisticians, we guarantee precise coding to develop themes and to encode, identify, and display the relationship between varied themes accurately.

A few points we consider before beginning the analysis process:

  • Whether to choose thematic characterisation of the data set or a single theme within the data
  • Whether to follow a “top down” or “bottom up” process to analysis
  • Whether to identify themes at a semantic level or at a latent level

If you feel this is getting too complex for you to handle yourself, then do not worry. Simply email us your requirements at info@geoffandfrancis.co.uk and enjoy the added benefits of our thematic data analysis services at level-headed prices.