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PhD Proposal Writing Service

Good proposals lead to good research outcomes…

Before starting a PhD dissertation/thesis, students are required to submit a proposal to outline the concept of their study subject. A proposal summarises and outlines the aims, methods, and other aspects of the proposed work, which help provide a clear direction to the researcher. However, the points mentioned in a proposal are not fixed in the 'letters of stone'. In fact, the proposal highlights a student’s thorough preparation at an early stage.

If you are also involved in developing a proposal for your proposed research, then you may understand the level of hard work, skills, and subject understanding it requires. You cannot just propose a research design or methods that may not lead you to study your problem and explain your hypotheses. If you feel you are stuck somewhere in PhD proposal writing, then you may take help from our professionally trained writers in order to craft a comprehensive proposal for your research. Our doctorates/scholars have themselves gone through all the stages of PhD research and know exactly what a committee/supervisor expects in a proposal. Thus, they can offer you PhD applicatication proposal help which can assist you in effective PhD proposal writing accordingly.

The significant areas, we cover in a proposal, include the following:

  • Name and Course: Students are often in rush and forget to include the obvious, that is their name and course. Few universities also ask to mention the registration/enrolment number.
  • Title: An appropriate title is a basic necessity of any research study. At this stage, a provisional or holding working title will usually suffice. For an academic document, the title can be lengthy.
  • Aims: At the proposal stage, careful planning pays off well. It is important to specify your aims in the beginning.
  • Literature Review or relationship to previous work: For proposal writing, it is imperative to review the literature. Though one cannot read everything related to the subject, listing and summarising a bibliography is necessary. One can read recent articles based on the topic and can visit libraries to collect the most relevant articles from different authors.
  • Methodology: This section is vital for any proposal and requires dedicated time and attention. A balanced methodology should mention about appropriate data collection techniques that can help in attaining valid and credible conclusions and recommendations at the end of the proposed study. This section deals with both qualitative and quantitative approaches for case studies.
  • Plan of Work: Here, the estimated time required for study completion is proposed. It is estimated how long each chapter may take. Thus, it may all reflect upon the student’s skill for time management.
For further inquiries into our PhD proposal writing service, you may send us an email at info@geoffandfrancis.co.uk.