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OPNET Developer

OPNET is a powerful network simulation tool adopted by numerous universities and students worldwide. This software is designed to provide accurate performance analysis for computer applications and networks, and it makes use of comprehensive language based on C++ with a rich graphical interface. Its simulation modules allow computing large sets of performance results.

As an OPNET developer, we can tell you that this tool plays a significant role in academic research in various disciplines like computer science, electrical engineering, management information systems, and many more. Students procure huge benefits with this full-feature software, thanks to its full model library containing source code and specialized models like MANET, MPLS, UMTS, IPv6, WiMAX, etc. OPNET's analytic modelling, event simulation, and hybrid technology helps provide scalable, high-fidelity simulations. It also offers a platform for sharing ideas, successes, and initiatives with peers, community, or other users.

OPNET comes complete with the following toolsets:

  • Node model to specify a network component's interface
  • Packet format to define protocols
  • Process model to abstract network component's behaviour
  • Project window to define link connections and network topology
  • Simulation window to capture and display simulation results

If you feel it is getting too complex for you to use the software for giving shape to your ideas, then we recommend you to take help from a professional OPNET developer for PhD research. At Geoff and Francis, our global consulting services can help you in an effective way. Our certified project managers and performance consultants understand the complexities involved in handling high-end software like OPNET. Therefore, we strive to assist researchers and students across the globe and charge minimal for the services offered. For our advice or assistance on OPNET implementation in your area of study, contact us now or request a quote.