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Journal Selection Service

The acceptance of your research paper by a publication is a clear indicator of appropriate journal selection. A journal publishes any paper strictly based on its target audiences, its chances of being quoted, and the in-depth information it holds in the field of specialisation.

There are various such journals that can also publish your article. Choosing the right journal might only require a hectic brainstorming session. The entire process is quite critical, because publishing in an international journal may help you secure better funding for your research. Thus, a wrong selection might cause a setback to your research, as it is one of the prime reasons behind the rejection made by journals.

We, at Geoff and Francis, have introduced our journal selection service through which our consultants recommend a journal fitting well into your criteria. We can help you choose a journal that publishes papers in your subject area and also holds a high reputation. For this purpose, we match your study’s significance with the publishing needs of a journal, and vice versa. In our quest for an appropriate journal, we read and assess multiple journals and distil the information based on the following factors: impact, total turnaround time, accepted manuscript format, and scope of the research.

Based on this and much more, our editors and researchers create a comprehensive report containing a list of few prestigious journals that match your requirements and are apt for publishing your document. You may easily make your choice out of our list and may submit your article to your selected journal with better chances of approval.

If you feel our journal selection service can serve your needs rightly, then you may write in to us at info@geoffandfrancis.co.uk or fill the quotation form.