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About Geoff and Francis

Geoff and Francis is a firm owned by Element K. The name Geoff and Francis was derived by the fact that the management team of this company had their mentors as Geoffrey Lionel and Peter Francis. Both these mentors had a great influence on learning and research that was completed by the management team of the company.

Based in Cardiff, Wales, the company has been into existence since late 2008 and has already served over 1,200 clients till date. Apart from providing assistance with the structuring and drafting of research reports, the company offers consultation for conducting research and journal paper help toward publishing in international journals and publications.

Geoff and Francis has been a renowned name for some time when it comes to extending support to research scholars from all academic streams or subject areas. While we offer end-to-end research support services and guidance, we are also operating in the areas of coursework and assignment completion and essay writing help.

Through our wide range of services, our aim is to help every research scholar who has been studying in varied UK universities and institutions. Our focus remains on delivering quality consultation and support. While the company follows rigorous quality measures and takes pride in its service quality offered, the clients can still reach out to top management for resolving any grievance by sending in their queries.Our management team assures to reach out to every client within two working days in order to discuss the issue and find a win-win solution.

If you feel we are approaching in the right direction and can also help you efficiently and timely, then do not hesitate to explore our services now.