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Literature Review

A literature review can be seen as the part which consists of the past, present and possible future of the conducted research and the topic that has been taken into consideration. The literature review produces an overview of the past studies done on the research topic and are related to the current questions. It does not just summarize the studies and literature that has been used to develop the thesis but also synthesize them to point out the existing inconsistencies in those studies. Those inconsistencies and contradictions lay the base on which you develop your own thesis and argue the needs of it with an idea-based approach.

Other than justifying the thesis and the research you included in it, Literature Review also helps in the critical evaluation of your thesis. It makes sure that the readers understand the need of your work and findings by highlighting the weaknesses and strengths of your thesis. The critical analysis also enables you to add the reasoning behind using the research methodology used for the development of your service. With this, the future scope and suggestions for further studies on the same topic can also be included into the Literature Review. However, it is not an easy task to go through all the collected literature and come up with a strong Literature Review which is both synthetic and critically evaluated.

The time consumed by going through several studies and then putting it all into a concise and meaningful way is a tough task even for the professionals. It does not matter whether the analysis is quantitative, qualitative or mixed-method, the time and knowledge required for preparing a literature review should be thorough. That is why Geoff and Francis helps you by providing expert assistance to make the process of developing a literature review easier for you. Other than our qualified team of researchers and writers, we also have a quality checking team who themselves are scholars from reputed universities. They make sure that the literature review is following the requested guidelines and are topic related.

Before coming to the point of literature review, it is important to choose the studies according to the topic and for that narrowing the scope is important. After that the research takes place for the relevant literature and it gets thoroughly evaluated. After considering the patterns and subtopics that need to be included in the thesis, a purpose statement needs to be prepared to start the literature review for the thesis. At Geoff and Francis, we do not just focus on paraphrasing or summarising the text in our own words but we go through several steps to make sure that our literature review is measured and provides all the required elements.

  • Our first step is to determine the points that need to be added in the literature review and then we do an in-depth research for the relevant studies on reliable platforms like ScienceDirect, Google Scholar, Microsoft Academia and so on which consist of an updated database of the studies.
  • Next, we identify the possible gaps in the original research work submitted by you and see whether additional research is required for that or not. We also evaluate the importance of points added in your literature review and highlight the suitable ones to clarify the approach of your research methodology.
  • Our experts are well-versed in different citation styles and therefore, they make sure that the citations are written in the correct style. Moreover, we make sure that enough information about the research topic has been provided in the literature review.
  • We also provide comparison between the current study with previous studies on the same topic(if it exists) in order to point out the relevance of your topic and divide the work in themes or sub-themes accordingly for making a structured literature review.

The experts at Geoff and Francis have expertise in creating the literature reviews and we have a rating of over 78% satisfaction rate. In case of queries related to literature review or any section that is stopping you from completing your thesis, feel free to contact our team. Write to us at info@geoffandfrancis.co.uk and we will get back to you.