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Qualitative Interview Questionnaire Design Service

The primary research for your PhD thesis involves data collection related to your subject of study. The best way to collect data directly from the outside world is to conduct a survey, for which one requires a questionnaire. Whether you are mailing out surveys or conducting interviews, you have to frame questions intelligently so as to grasp the respondent's interest and make him/her feel comfortable to provide responses.

There are two types of questions for collecting information. The first one is open-ended or non-structured question and the other is called closed-ended or structured question. It is vital for a researcher to understand how and when to use these questions in a survey. You would usually find more of strategically designed open-ended questions when the data has to be captured for a qualitative study design.

Here we give you a few points to consider while framing questions:

  • Avoid biased questions, double-barrelled questions, wordy or confusing questions, and irrelevant questions
  • Keep them short and easy to read because longer and complex questions may result in inaccurate feedback.
  • Keep them easy to answer; else, the respondents may provide wrong information or abandon your survey.
  • Keep questions to a minimum.
  • Use a constant rating scale for all survey questions.
  • Make sure that the scale is balanced, that is providing an equal number of negative and positive response options.
  • For all closed-ended questions, provide all possible answers and avoid the chances of overlapping between answer options.
  • Word choices and definitions should be consistent throughout the survey.
  • Avoid using technical jargons; the language should be familiar to respondents.
  • Keep the questions precise and avoid words like "rarely" or "often".

In case you are finding it a tough task to understand what questions to include and how in your survey or interview sheet, then we are always present to help you with our qualitative interview questionnaire design service. Under this service, we design accurate and effective questions that can elicit relevant responses from your target subjects. Our doctorate and postgraduate professionals possess a prior knowledge of conducting surveys and have long experience of preparing questionnaires for academic research of varied types. Thus, they help you develop a sophisticated and focused tool for your qualitative study.

To avail our qualitative interview questionnaire design service, fill out our request a quote form and provide the necessary details. Our project managers will revert within a day's time of acknowledging your query.