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Research Methodology

One of the common hurdles for all researchers is to define the research methodology in a way that ensures the reliability of the researched data as well as the conclusions that have been drawn through the research. This section, in the thesis, does not just include the reliability aspect but also the logical explanation behind using the particular research method. It can either be a qualitative method or quantitative method. Both the types of data have different methods of approaching as well as different outcomes and therefore, it needs to be confirmed whether the approach you are using for your thesis research is correct or not.

At Geoff and Francis, our experts provide you with the exact idea of which method deems fit for the thesis you are developing and how you can proceed with it in the appropriate manner. Starting with the qualitative method, it includes the reference to personal experiences as is given through interviews, core analysis of the data collected, description given through texts and structures that design your collected data close to the qualitative form. Whereas, the quantitative methodology focuses upon defining the relationship between variables, evaluating the effectiveness of the data and taking large sample sets for generalisation purposes.

In Qualitative data analysis, it becomes important to focus on making the research questions aligned with the research method. Usually, this needs to be done during the topic development phase; however, if it has been just considered as a rough idea before, then our team helps you to collect, define and align the data in accordance with the qualitative style. Our experts make sure to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the method chosen for the research as well. This includes textual analysis and the systematic-language analysis remains the focus of this approach. This becomes useful and reliable when most of the data is not into numerics.

In Quantitative analysis, the focus shifts to operational variables, choosing the data selection instrument and doing the statistical analysis that can be processed into numeric terms. Quantitative data already exists and cannot be created unlike qualitative data which can include ideas, experiences and perceptions of individuals who are involved in the data collection and analysis process. In simple terms, the quantitative analysis focuses on the phenomena while the qualitative analysis focuses on the experience of that phenomenon.

The team at Geoff and Francis help you in creating and developing a comprehensive research for the qualitative approach, while providing the services to find out the statistical relationship between the data and variables collected through the research. Our services do not just render the methodology section based on qualitative and quantitative methods separately, but we also guide you through the mixed-study method which includes both comprehensive and statistical analysis. Our team does not just include the smaller or compact research but also provides solutions for difficult and larger projects.

Process for our Qualitative Method :

  • The basis for justifying the qualitative method, our team goes through the research design first and critically analyses how the research questions for the particular study is related to the qualitative method. The phenomena has been evaluated in relation to the person.
  • Once the research design has been discussed properly, then the discussion and sampling theory about the target population has been taken into consideration that helps in providing a solid support to the research.
  • Our team also makes sure that the data collection process gets justified during the interview phase. We also help you in choosing the best qualitative approach that can provide you with the justification for the usage of that particular protocol.
  • Lastly, our focus shifts to the ethical and potential approach of the thesis. The assumptions as the researcher, reliability, and replicability of your research, then, proves that the chosen method of qualitative research is suitable as per your research.

Process for our Quantitative Method :

  • First, to have a better idea about your chosen research method, we discuss with you the idea, research topic details, the aim of the study, the research design and the preliminary tests(if any) conducted by you. This helps in looking for the variables and stats that are important to be included in your research framing and to provide the result that you want.
  • After this, we prepare a comprehensive plan and suggestions for how to include and search for the data and make changes(if required). For this, our experts go through the studies involved in the research and analyse their relevance with the topic selected by you for your current research. These suggestions help us in coming up with the research design that fits the best with the statistical analysis and we roughly discuss it with you before proceeding with it in detail.
  • Once the required changes have been made in the existing research and the data and variables collected, we start working on the draft. Other than making sure that the data collected is accurate and reliable, our team also helps in putting the data constructively and data collection instruments to give validity to the research output. We also run small tests to evaluate whether the research tools are providing an ideal dataset or not.

To do all these evaluations and testing, a scholar or novice professional can take weeks or more to come up with the conclusion part. But this is not the case with Geoff and Francis as we can provide the services within a matter of days because of our hands-on experience at data analysis. In case of any confusion or queries, do not hesitate to write to us at info@geoffandfrancis.co.uk. Our team will get back to you at the quickest.