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Data Analysis Service Using NVivo

Researchers face numerous questions and challenges for which they need to find out the best investigative techniques to answer. The answers are derived from discussions, surveys, interviews, etc. With NVivo, you can easily analyse and organise raw and unstructured data that results in better decision making. It is not merely a qualitative data analysis tool, but is also a vital resource for planning, literature review, and research design. It provides a platform to help you at every stage of your project, ranging from organising the data, analysing the data, and finally sharing and reporting the data to target readers.

How NVivo can help a student/researcher?

  • Allows spending more time on discovery and analysis
  • Helps working systematically so that you do not miss anything in data
  • Helps interrogate the information and discover subtle connections, which is nearly impossible manually
  • Helps justify your findings with evidences
  • Helps share the work with others
  • Helps you with your research methodology
  • Works with any statistical package for analysing your data
  • Helps in presenting your findings and ideas using visualisation tools like maps, models, and maps.
  • Allows sharing your findings with non-NVivo users by exporting the results, charts, models, conclusions, etc., into reports, presentations, and even web pages

Geoff and Francis support your qualitative research effectively through the data analysis service using NVivo. Our statisticians can make the best use of the software to perform deep level of analysis for any data quantity. If you are especially doing a social science research, the software can be of great help to you. It makes your data analysis task smoother by sorting and organising your raw details. We not only use NVivo to test your theories, but also to examine the trends and other useful information using its query and search functions.

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