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Career Options

At Geoff and Francis, we do everything possible to provide a stress-free and learning work environment for our consultants, statisticians, and writers. While many of our consultants work full time with us, a few also choose to work as freelancers. We keep on providing numerous career options and are currently hiring for the following positions:

  • Academic Editor: He/she must be a UK native with at least 4—5 years of experience in editing/scientific publishing with a leading journal or publication. Both full-time and freelance options are available. PhD candidates will be preferred.
  • Academic Consultant: He/she must be a PhD holder with minimum 7 years of teaching experience in a university or college. The candidate should have the knowledge of research methodology and thesis writing styles preferred in the UK.
  • Writer: The candidate must be an MBA/MSc with first class throughout. This position is only for full-time candidates. He/she must also be able to meet strict deadlines and to write in a scholarly style.
  • Statistician: He/she must hold a PhD or Master's degree in statistics, with an experience in handling both descriptive and inferential statistics. The candidate must be experienced with the use of SPSS, STATA, R, Eviews, and SAS. This position is available in both full-time and part-time modes.
  • Sales Consultant: The candidate must be a UK native, preferably from Oxford, with a minimum of Masters-level education. He/she must have a flair for academic research. This position is only full time.

To apply for any of the above positions or to submit your resume for future career options, please use the form below:

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