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Data Analysis Help Using STATA

Data analysis for your PhD research work is a focal point for the entire project. The reliability of research results depends upon the data analysis process, which is supposed to be error-free and valid. With our data analysis help using STATA, you can ensure a quick and precise progress for your project. Our team of statisticians and consultants supports in testing regressions/correlations, along with the rest of data analysis using STATA.

STATA is a command-driven, powerful package designed for data management, statistical analysis, and graphics handling. With STATA’s group of commands, it becomes extremely easy to conduct statistical tests and perform analyses of types like cross-sectional data, panel data, time-series, cohort, and survival-time data. This software contains a comprehensive library of Internet capabilities and tools.

With STATA, it has become easier to handle numbers and strings. It can store numeric variables as integers or floating points, can perform all calculations with doubles, and can store variables in your dataset using the compress command. Our professional statisticians give you accurate results when you have been recommended the use of this particular software for your research by your supervisor or academic institution.

There are different ways to add the data into STATA for analysis:

  • You can manually enter the data by pasting or typing it into the data editor.
  • You can input ASCII files using insheet, infile, or infix -
    • In case of text editing package for assembling dataset, save as .txt file.
    • In case of free format data like excel columns divided by space, comma or tab, use insheet or infile.
    • In case of fixed format data with fixed columns, use infix.
    • If the data is in SPSS or SAS format, then you can use stat or transfer to directly create a STATA datasheet.

To get our assistance with the Data Analysis chapter, simply send us your data bank, brief topic introduction, and hypotheses. Our project managers will revert within 24 hours. For further enquiries about our data analysis help using STATA, email us at info@geoffandfrancis.co.uk.