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Results and Discussions

The Results and Discussions section can be seen as one of the highlights while summing down the Dissertation or Thesis you developed. It can be soothing to see your research coming to an end soon; however, it can become painstaking as well if these sections remain lacking in terms of information and clarity. The team of experts at Geoff and Francis has, thus, come up with services to help you in making your research work well-developed till the final sections.

The Result and Discussions chapter for PhD thesis can be approached in two ways. First way considers both as separate topics and thus, focuses on one at a time; while the other way, combines the two and deals with both of them at the same time. The selection of a way depends on the university guidelines or the wish of the candidate. Our experts are experienced in both the ways which makes them capable of providing this service as per the candidate’s requirements.

In separate sections, the results part includes the key points of the analysis. It includes the statistical analysis and points out the fact whether the result is correct or not. It is also important to narrow your results section as it does not need to include all the parts of the literature. Therefore, the results section can be prepared in accordance with the research questions section and if the results seem relevant to the questions it needs to be added. To come up with a result, using different presentation methods like tables, graphs and diagrams can be beneficial for your dissertation or doctorate thesis preparation. However, in case of too many tables or graphs, numbering them and listing them clearly also becomes a significant step.

In the discussions, the work is to interpret those results and explain them in a detailed manner. The research questions need to be answered in this section and the approach used to get those results needs to be justified. After this the study gets critically evaluated to figure out the possibilities and scope of the studies for future research. The discussion section, thus, includes studying the literature and existing findings which are related to your research topic and then the limitations and implications of the study get finalized.

For the section where results and discussions are put together, there is a need to draw the outline of the structure first. This can be done by considering the research questions that you have raised and the derived result. Then comes the part where the discussion based on the result takes place in context with the research topic and studies taken into consideration. After this, the result that best sets out in context gets included in the section and the discussions part shows how consistent and relevant those findings are in accordance with the research questions.

Benefits of Getting Results and Discussion Writing Service

This Results and Discussions section becomes important in case your results are controversial. No matter which way you use, both the ways of putting results and discussions in your thesis or dissertation preparation are beneficial as long as it answers the questions and is well-organised to enable understanding. The result section mainly focuses on the output of the research and includes statistical data to provide the exact image. Whereas the discussion section also talks about the implications, scope and limitations of the research. The team of Geoff and Francis.

  • Develops the result section in respect to the significant areas covered in the research work
  • Properly evaluates the data through graphs and tables while numbering them correctly
  • Takes care of the change from the usage of past tense in result part to the usage of present tense in the discussion part
  • Ensures critical analysis and interpretation of the research work and questions and compares the results with the literature review
  • Justifies the approach or methodology used in the research in the best possible way
  • Summarises both the results and its implications to draw a clear conclusion
  • Provides reasons for obtaining certain results in case it becomes controversial
  • Helps in determining the limitations and possibilities of the conducted research thoroughly

To put it simply, if the results section presents the findings in a research, then the discussions section explains how and why those results are in relation to the literature studies and the research questions. The only difference between combining these two sections together and keeping them separate is all about a few more steps; where the connection between the results and its implication get changed. To leave a query regarding the process of developing a thesis or dissertation paper, feel free to email us at info@geoffandfrancis.co.uk anytime.