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SEM Analysis Help Using AMOS

Statistical research depends on the relationship between variables. The best way to check the fitness of a model or establish a relationship is to apply structural equation modelling (SEM). SEM is an extension of the GLM (general linear model) that allows a researcher to test various regression equations simultaneously. With SEM, one can examine complex relationships and models, such as time series analysis and confirmatory factor analysis.

SEM using AMOS

Analysis of Moment Structures or AMOS software has been developed to make structural equation modelling (SEM) easily accessible for research students across. SEM analysis help using AMOS can make things pretty fast for students and can save on their research efforts. It is an additional module by SPSS with an SPSS interface, and it can accept other formats for collecting data. It is designed for PhD students who are new to SEM and statistics, as well as like an alternative to books that are lengthy, more mathematical, and expensive. AMOS features an accurate, user-friendly toolbox and allows using two different model specification modes that are Basic and Graphics. AMOS Graphics mode allows working from a path diagram directly, while with Amos Basic, you can work from equation reports.

Our team of statisticians makes use of AMOS, keeping accuracy at the top. They find out the causal relationship and design models to prove the hypothesis. They not only help you specify and estimate certain models, but also assess and present these to display the hypothesised variable relationships. All our PhD statisticians are well-versed with the software and offer SEM analysis help using AMOS to research students whose academic institutions have recommended them to use this specific software for their data analysis.

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