Why and How to Revise Your Research Paper

On several occasions when your academic advisors do not find your research paper fit for final submission, they might ask you to revise it. It does not mean that your entire paper needs correction or you have written things badly. It simply requires some more careful thought to give proper shape and focus to your work so your study is guided toward its objectives. There could also be certain linguistic and formatting corrections to makes so your paper looks more polished. Generally, such mistakes happen when these are skipped at the editing or review stage.

Revision may not only give a fresh look and feel to your research paper, but may also help you become a refined writer. While it is an extra effort, you should be ready to do it in order to receive better grades. Here are a few tips on how to revise your research paper.

  • You should give yourself some time to look at things more objectively. Set aside your paper for some time and then give a neutralized view at the time of revision. This will help you recognized gaps in your work, as well as the problems existing in your paper and its language.
  • Now, think over again and refine your ideas and arguments. See if your sentences need to be rewritten or your paragraphs need to be reorganized. Develop your arguments in details and support them with proper evidences. Remove all types of redundancies in the written content. Format the text and graphics, if required, and work on the proper style of writing. Make sure you have followed the styles recommended by your institution.
  • When you are done, read out the draft loud to yourself. If there still are any revisions required, do them and clarify the matter.

You may also ask your friend or another person to read it and give you their honest feedback.

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