Tips to Present Your Research Data Effectively

It is critical to present your research data and statistical information effectively in your thesis or dissertation. There are several ways to transmit your numerical information. While some simple information may be presented within the text itself, complex information may be organized in a tabular or pictorial form. Check out some tips to present your information efficiently.

Choose an apt display method

While you may present your data in a table or text, you may also display it in a chart, graph or diagram. However, you should consider the purpose for which you are presenting this information before finalizing the right method to display it. For example, information for reference purposes should be presented in a tabulated form instead of making it pictorial. You may then include these tables in an appendix while summarizing them in the text.

Avoid text alone to convey lengthy information

While you may find it tempting to summarize all information within the text easily, it can negatively influence the overall presentation. If there are more than four to five numbers, it is better to avoid presenting it in text alone. Use a table or graph to make your information concise and well presentable.

Use tables and graphs wisely

Use presentation tools in a wise and relevant manner. Do not keep creating tables or graphs for every small set of data. If you have structured numerical information to present, then you should make use of tables rather than graphs. On the other hand, graphs can be used to display trends, relationships and comparisons of information. Check the type of data you have and select a table or graph for it accordingly.

Maintain consistency and clarity

Remember to present every single aspect in a consistent manner. For example, if you have mentioned figures up to one or two decimal places, maintain it in every table. Additionally, make your tables and graphics clear, informative and self-explanatory.

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