Things to Avoid During Your PhD Thesis Defense Session

Is your PhD thesis defense session approaching? If yes, then check out some things that you should avoid before or during this session.

Working urgently on your presentation

An effective presentation is a critical part of your PhD thesis defense session. Therefore, it is very important to give full attention to it and make it clear and crisp for your audience. Avoid working on your presentation at the last moment and plan it well. It is necessary for you to be prepared to answer all the related questions.

Untimed presentation

While it is important to develop an impressive presentation, it is also important to time it well. You are not going to give a public lecture that can be run for hours. Thus, plan a brief presentation that is impressive and not boring for your audience.

Lack of preparation

Avoid entering a thesis defense session without preparation. You should always be ready to answer the questions of your audience and faculty members. Therefore, you should practice your content well and listen to other thesis defense talks before you go for your own session.

Answering vaguely

If you do not have an answer for any question put to you, then it is better to admit that you do not know the answer rather than giving a vague answer.

Unstructured talk

Anything you talk about should be logical and informative. Avoid an unstructured talk that does not relate to your thesis or presents your ideas in an unclear manner.

Being stressful

While it is normal to feel a little nervous during your thesis defense session, avoid looking too stressful. Keep your cool and understand that you know about your thesis better than anybody else does. Feel relaxed, as the session is just about testing your knowledge.

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