PhD Thesis Format – Frequently Asked Questions

The writing stage for any doctoral candidate is dreaded when he is not good with the academic writing style and format. While you reach the writing stage for your PhD thesis, you might have a few questions in your mind about the style, structure, and format of your thesis. Here are a few FAQs that would make all the PhD thesis requirements quite clear:

  • Does my PhD thesis length matter if the content is accurate?
    No. The length of the thesis is not really a matter of concern when the content in your thesis is precise and accurate. Your research topic is undoubtedly a vast topic to cover but your thesis doesn’t need to include every bit of your research. Your PhD thesis should be precise providing the required information to a reader for a comprehensive understanding of your research.
  • Is a PhD thesis structure universal or confined to your University?
    Well, a PhD thesis structure is universal in accordance of the introduction, literature review, methodology, data analysis, result & conclusion, and bibliography. However, if your University asks you to write it in a different order you must abide by it. The organization of the chapters is as follows :
  1. The introduction provides a glimpse and the objective of your thesis.
  2. The literature review is a chronological and relatable background of the study on your topic.
  3. The methodology defines your approach towards the research and the method (qualitative or quantitative) you chose for your research process.
  4. The data analysis chapter includes the analysis of the collected data either in a pictorial or tabular form.
  5. Result & conclusion is the findings you have attained from the research with the limitations of the method.
  6. Bibliography of your PhD thesis is the reference section where you mention every used source which helped you with the research.
  • What should a PhD thesis cover page include?
    While the cover page of your PhD thesis is the first impression to the reader, it has to provide the suffice information with the title, name of the author, and the date of the submission. Many universities have particular requirements regarding the PhD thesis cover page. Therefore, it is advised that you first refer to the guidelines given by your university.
  • What is the most important thing while writing the chapters of the thesis?
    Your PhD thesis chapters should start with a new page each time and the title should be 18-24pt size, bold. The headings and subheadings can be numbered in 14pt size, bold and 12pt size, bold, respectively. This writing and format style is a distinctive feature of academic writing.
  • What should be the minimum length of each chapter?
    The length of your thesis doesn’t really count or add significant value until it is a meaningful and relevant whole. Therefore, PhD thesis chapter length depends on the information or concepts you are discussing. Although the introduction or the abstract of your thesis should not exceed more than two pages.
  • Should I seek PhD thesis help to write it?
    It totally depends on you, whether you want to write it and get your PhD thesis reviewed by a professional or you need to hire someone for your PhD thesis online. The assistant would, however, provide you with the necessary PhD thesis guidelines to write an exemplary research.
  • What should be the maximum word count for thesis?
    There is no maximum or minimum PhD thesis word count as the thesis solely depends on the research process. Your thesis has to be on point, contributing to the academic strata of the subject without focusing on the count of the words.
  • Should I read a few PhD thesis examples before you start to write yours?
    Reading a few PhD thesis before beginning with yours is a good idea. But if you know exactly what you have to write in your finalise document, you should look for some PhD thesis templates to not get confused with the already written theses.

These few FAQs would help you while structuring your PhD thesis and write it in the correct manner to present it to the university committee.

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