Maintain an Objective Style in Your Dissertation or Thesis

It is essential to write objectively or using an objective style in your dissertation or thesis. The presence of bias in your research work will only weaken it. You should keep your paper bias free by paying close attention to both the construction, the research as well as the language. Here are ways to maintain objectivity in your thesis or dissertation.

Evaluate Your Sources for Bias

If you would like reliable sources for your research work, then you should always evaluate the sources you have referred to in order to complete it for bias. You should stick with primary literature if you would like to avoid bias. You can find information that is unbiased at sources such as governmental, education, and NGO websites. Some books, websites, and articles are not completely free of bias. Hence, you should refer primary sources of information.

Avoid First and Second Person Pronouns

You could easily make objective writing a reality when you avoid the use of first and second person pronouns in your research work. The very fact that you cannot complete any research work without referring the works of others itself is proof enough that you cannot use first and second person pronouns in your work. Words such as “in my opinion” only make it subjective rather than objective as compared to a work that is based purely on facts and supporting evidence.

Express Your Ideas Clearly

The clearer you are while writing certain pieces of information, the more the chances are that your writing would be objective and also that your argument is strong. It is essential to keep your research work objective if you would like to achieve a credible research work. If you follow the above tips, you can easily present an objective work to your university and get your degree without any hassles.

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