List of Helpful Writing Resources for PhD Newbies

Achieving a PhD degree is a milestone in life and is not an easy feat!
Pro tips for your PhD thesis

For any scholar, pursuing PhD can be a challenging journey. However, PhD newbies face the toughest time, especially when they mess up writing their research documents. To make their synopsis or thesis writing task easier, we are listing below a few useful writing resources.

  • How to Write a Better Thesis (by Paul Gruba and David Evans): As a newbie, you may want to understand the basics of writing a thesis. Whether you are facing problems with the Introduction chapter or Results chapter, this simplified resource can be the best thesis writing
  • Helping Doctoral Students to Write (by Barbara Kamler and Pat Thomson): It is a truly helpful resource to make you draft well-structured, flawless research documents. If you especially need guidance on scholarly grammar, the book can be a great read. While social sciences scholars may find it indispensable, the book is equally good for scientific scholars.helping doctoral students write
  • The Craft of Research (by Wayne Booth, Greg Colomb, and Joseph Williams): Though it is a popular resource among undergraduate researchers, even PhD freshers like it for simplifying research writing. If you want to learn about thesis planning and drafting, then scanning this guide will work well in shedding light on the traditional research forms.the craft of research
  • The Unwritten Rules of PhD Research (by Marian Petre and Gordon Rugg): In a pleasurable manner, this book explains important aspects of academic research, especially from the viewpoint of supervisors. Thus, it gives the right perspective to PhD scholars before they develop their research proposals, theses, journal papers, or conference papers.the unwritten rules of phd research
  • PhD: An Uncommon Guide to Research, Writing & PhD Life (by James Hayton): It is a comprehensive guide on varied aspects of PhD life and academic writing. From developing a research idea to writing and defending a thesis, it guides scholars on all they need to know.

An Uncommon Guide to Research - Writing & PhD Life

With the help of the above resources, PhD newbies can move on the right path to research writing and academic success.

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