How to Write Masters Dissertation Literature Review?

Probably, masters are the first step where a student gets through the process of writing a dissertation. Hence, it’s important for him to understand the significance of the most important section of a dissertation. Although all the chapters of a dissertation are important however literature review holds the most specific position in the master’s dissertation. A well managed and written literature review sense about the purpose of the dissertation and guides you decide how to proceed in your writing in order to remove the flaws and gaps of the matter. So, let’s extricate the ways to write a consequential and conceptual dissertation literature review –

Firstly it’s important to hang on with the topic of the dissertation and its aim of research. A fully fledged dissertation should be written parallel to the objective of the research. Hence, develop the contents in a similar manner so that gap of the research could be highlighted and overcome, also commendable points about the research can be reflected through it.

Understanding the hitches and setting up its elucidation is the next step of a firmly written literature review. To solve the problems and issues aroused in dissertation pragmatic question should be developed to get the accurate answer and the data required for its solution.

Collection of data hasn’t ended up the sense its calculation is even more important. Thus, it can be calculated by imposing points like –

o Are the data’s correct and defined for particular study?
o How does it influence the dissertation topic and the result?
o How different data’s contrasts the result?

Once you are done with above findings and their descriptions you need to differentiate the headings and subheadings mentioning the critiques and its depiction. A closed ended literature review is expected to be wound up with summarization of all and conclusion of the findings.

Thus, a literature review has an imperative role in master’s dissertation so that it can explain you’re worth in research and a detail knowledge application while writing it.

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