How to make an ideal literature review

Literature review means critically observing and evaluating substantial information published or researched by the previous scholars. It brings out the old beliefs and limelight the new findings. It is often misconceived as the summary of the research. However, it is something more wide. Though it contains the summarized research but also has the evaluation of the same and shows a relationship between your work and the existing research.

A review containing just the summary of the historic events or knowledge is never an ideal one. It should attract readers, guide them and give an overview of the whole research and mark the progression in the patterns of the research.

An ideal review unveils the differentiating factor of the research from the existing ones. Which methodology has been undertaken to carry the research and what steps are taken to solve the research question.

The material for the literature review can be sought from journals, research papers, old dissertations and internet. Writing a literature review requires colossal of time and has to be done with utmost care. The review will depend upon your topic and the nature of the material. One main thing that has to be taken care while writing a review is focus, correlating to the interest of a broader audience. The resources used must be up-to-date but not overlooking the previous findings.

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