How-to Guide on Improving Academic Writing Style

Academic style of writing is different from other styles of writing. It refers to the style of writing that is formal and impersonal. This style focuses on facts, ideas and objects. It does not give a direct reference to people or feelings. In free style writing, there is no need to develop proper vocabulary, follow rules of grammar or any structure. Whereas in an academic writing style you need to use the relevant vocabulary, structure as per your chosen subject of research.

Academic style of writing should be compelling. Long sentences tend to do a write up sound mundane and with the use of varied sentences it becomes easier for readers or listeners to understand the text and content. There are various tools available that help to check grammar and spellings in academic paper written and also, it provides the option of shortening the sentences and limit it in few words. There are autocorrect features in such tools that immediately highlights mistakes or over-use of words to avoid any errors in writing papers.

Following are a few points that will help you to improve your academic writing style.

1. Keep in Mind Target Audience
It is of utmost importance to reach up to the level of the audience in question. Readers will have in-depth knowledge on the topic written and will be experts on the subject. Instead of elaborating on the subject, you need to be objective and write crisp about your research.

2. Outline of your paper
The argument in the academic paper should be precise. An outline laid for your research paper will ensure this. With a pre-drawn outline you will be able to give a practical view of your research by not mentioning much about theory.

3. Clarity of Language
Concentrate on the language used, as same needs to be clear while communicating your thoughts to the readers. No ambiguity is accepted in this serious form of writing. The primary topic of the research should be highlighted and present hypothesis with believable arguments. Flowery language should be totally avoided.

4. Adopt the appropriate style of writing
Academic papers are to be written following specific formats. Refer manuals available of different styles of academic writing as per your requirement, adhere to its guidelines when you write, this will improve quality of your paper.

5. Write in a formal manner
Graceful and clear write-ups are generally appreciated in academics. Informal ways or freestyle of writing is not the skill set required by a researcher.

6. Drafting and Structuring
Specific structure needs to be followed as per your topic of research in academic writing style. Adherence to the same shall prepare your draft in a proper manner.

7. Edit, proofread and re-draft before final copy
The first draft should be read by numerous people to provide you with correct feedback.
After which, you need to edit and proofread your paper before finalizing. Proofreading will ensure that there are no spelling and grammatical errors in your document and with the feedback you shall be able to present an excellent product. There are various institutions that help in proofreading and editing the research papers, you may contact them for availing such services.


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