From A PhD Thesis To An Article – An Organised Process

In the modern times, it has become important to perform well academically. The supervisors at universities also expect their students to write articles that are either based on their PhD thesis or on any other subject. However, it is not always easy to write an article that is a part of your research degree course. Here are a few tips to convert your PhD thesis into an article.

Why Publish?

When you publish your research article, you are also paving way for your prospective career path. Perhaps you are interested in doing a postdoctoral degree course after this or maybe you are planning to teach. No matter what your ultimate goal is, you need to understand that it is a part and parcel of the academic programme or a prerequisite for graduation at many universities.

Select a Journal

It is important that you select a journal that has a scope, which is similar to that of your article. Does the objective of your article match that of the journal? Is the ranking of the journal important to you? Select a journal according to the answers you have given the above questions.

Structure Your Article

You have to give your thesis a structure that would make it easier to be converted into an article. Write a mini literature review and a mini introduction while keeping in mind the theme of your research. You should also include your research methodology, discussion, conclusion, and results in your article too. Moreover, you should make it easy for people to understand your research work while writing your article. You would have to trim your literature review and include it in such a way that it fits within the article. This is one of the challenges that your PhD course will present to you as a part of your curriculum.

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