Follow the Hourglass Structure for Research

I have often wondered about the ease with which several women manage to maintain an hourglass figure. Personally, I have tried to attain it a few times, but failed miserably. However, I did succeed in getting my research in shape and often advice scholars to adopt the hourglass structure for their scientific research projects. A research report prepared according to this design will always be more effective and complete. The characteristics of such a structure are as follows:

Generic Start

The project must start with a consideration of several factors that are related to the chosen subject.

  • Do a background analysis of the topic. Study the concepts and ideas that are related to it, as well as events that might have an influence on the subject. Based on such study, come up with a hypothesis.
  • The literature review is also a part of this stage. Initially you have to adopt a wide perspective and go through almost all the pertinent material that you can find. Once you have read the thoughts and opinions expressed by other writers, you can shortlist the references and organize them for critical analysis.
  • Prepare a design for research, wherein you will choose the methods of data collection and analysis. You must select a methodology according to your research goal.

Focused Study

This part of the study is where you will collect your data, arrange and analyze it. You will proceed to do a statistical analysis with the help of experimentation, observation and measurement. Through such focused analysis you will reach to the root of the problem. Causal relations are often explored in this phase.

Comprehensive Conclusion

Once you are done with the analysis, you need to state your results. Now, since an hourglass is wide at the bottom, your conclusion will also be expressed in a generic tone. Relate the results to the objectives and tell how they will impact the chosen field of knowledge. You will also discuss the scope for further research in the area and mention any gaps that need to be addressed.

It will be beneficial if you plan your study beforehand according to this structure. The hourglass figure is always notable; use it for your research report to impress your review committee and charm your way to the degree.

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