Defence Preparation

Defence preparation is a crucial part of dissertation making. A dissertation cannot be a success until and unless it is presented confidently in front of the authorities. The professors evaluate the effort done by the scholar, not just by the written manuscript but also by the knowledge gained, which is usually done by a viva.

The scholars are always cautioned about the information included in the research. Anything, which is inexplicable from their end, should not be included. It is never confirmed what question can be framed by the interviewer from which portion.

The formidability of the question will vary from person to person. To eliminate this fear of viva, a scholar should be well aware of each and every portion included in the research. He should be able to elucidate every section with proper examples. This will lead to an excellent impression over the interviewer and ultimately to good grades.

The perfection can be gained by attending mock sessions or seeking expert help. All parts of the research such as data analysis method, methodology should be thoroughly studied before the final presentation.

A strong preparation will end up a scholar defending his work, irrespective of the hardness level of the viva.

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