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Doctoral candidates require an effective proposal before the official commencement of their DBA program. A proposal is a logical presentation of your plan of action, illustrated graphically. It provides you an opportunity to present the proposed actions and ideas in front of your faculty committee for consideration.

Your proposal highlights the work to be done, along with a list of activities, timelines, proposed budget, and the anticipated results. A clear and detailed proposal helps you certify to the faculty that you have undergone extensive fieldwork and investigation and are now prepared to proceed with the study.

For over a decade, Geoff and Francis have been offering DBA proposal help to a large number of research students. Our writers, who are native English speakers and have extensive research experience, specialise in writing proposals for UK DBA programs. We focus on writing such proposals that follow the recommended format and structure, as well as highlight a student’s research capabilities to their best.

We prepare a proposal based on two major elements that include the literature review and the research methodology. Literature review throws light on the research problem and its hypotheses. On the other hand, research methodology elucidates the process of collecting and evaluating data. Writing on these aspects with finesse can strengthen your proposal and display the way your study would contribute to your academic field in general.

We offer a consulting cum solution service at affordable and competitive prices, ensuring no plagiarism and linguistic errors. To know more about our DBA proposal help, simply email at info@geoffandfrancis.co.uk.

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