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You have your research proposal in hand; your literature review is on its way to completion; and you are ready to pave the way for a successful dissertation. Now is the time for your data collection. The process is lethargic and time-consuming, which at times seems to daunt students. Thus, they often end up in a mess. To avoid that, it is always advisable to hire a professional consulting service that can offer guidance on better data collection techniques and methods. For all such students who want to save time during this process, we have come up with our data collection service.

Our consultants at Geoff and Francis are trustworthy and reliable advisors, with years of experience in data collection for academic research. They know from where to fetch the data and how to fetch the data successfully. Our first step is to assess your project needs so we may accordingly extend our data collection service or solutions. For us, it is critical to help students collect relevant data through simpler techniques and ways so they can cut unnecessary activities. We help in collecting both primary and secondary data through sources that may not be accessible to scholars. In addition, we help them develop interview sheets and surveys that can capture useful data for their studies.

For now, we have two major thumb rules to recommend to all students involved in data collection:

More data means less hassle

Your dissertation usually demands a hefty amount of data while your advisor demands your time. You have to take major steps to make the data collection process smooth and efficient. It is recommended to find existing databases and use data archives available at the universities.

Online gold mines

There are bountiful of online resources that give access to free public databases to collect data for your research work. They have repositories of various findings on wide-ranging topics in the form of video footage, 3D images, etc.
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