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Preparing for Interviews – Guide for Qualitative Research

There are many different types of question that can be asked and in many different ways. What is common to all questions, though, is that they must be worded in a way that is understood by the respondents and to which respondents can relate. This means ensuring that there are minority-language versions of the questionnaire if the sample is likely to include people who speak a language is unlikely to be sufficiently good to be able to complete an interview in it. By denying sections of the survey population the opportunity to participate in the study, the questionnaire writer is effectively disenfranchising them from influencing the findings. For many studies commissioned by the public sector in countries, it is important that the interview is capable of being conducted in any language that is spoken by a significant number of people in the any language that is the spoken by a significant number of people in the survey population to avoid the danger of disenfranchisement. In the UK Many government studies require questionnaire versions in Welsh, Urdu, Hindi and other languages, and in USA a Spanish-language version will often be required. read...

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