7 Cardinal Sins to Avoid while Writing Your PhD Thesis

  1. Not warming up your brain before writing your thesis – The formidable task of thesis writing should not be started without getting a gist of what lies ahead. So, first thing first, you need to visit your university library. You can also gain access to online repositories. Begin by shortlisting some path-breaking researches done in your area of research and then study some well-written theses on it. This would not only help you to get an insight into how to write a thesis but will also help you in collecting some substantial material for your literature review.

    phd thesis

  2. Giving personal assumptions or opinions – Doing this can be pretty much a kiss of death. A thesis is a research document which is supported by arguments and evidence. Any personal assumption based on vague reasoning is bound to put your thesis on the radar of rejection.

  3. Providing tough navigation to your readers – A thesis written in an unsystematic manner provides tough navigation to the readers. Therefore, all the sections should be in a chronological order.

  4. Writing incoherent content with lack of precision – The validity of your thesis eminently depends upon the degree of coherency in it. Therefore, avoid using wordy language infused with superlatives. Also, the language needs to be active and not passive. Condense less relevant portions and keep it simplified. Furthermore, avoid any kind of contradicting and biased statements. Such ambiguity and controversial elements can very easily challenge the validity of the research.

  5. Poor Proofreading – No matter how proficient your linguistic skills are, almost everyone is bound to make some sort of grammatical, punctuation or typo errors. So, double check your phd thesis to get rid of these loopholes.

  6. Badly Written Discussions Part – A thesis is not yet completed if the discussions part is not given enough consideration. A perfect discussions section should include comments on your results, the meaning of your results, detailed explanation regarding unexpected results and interpretation of your results in a wider context. You should also speak about what future developments or further research which can be done in the respective area.

  7. Losing connection with your supervisor – Last but not the least, a successful thesis completion cannot be achieved smoothly without working upon the regular feedback received from your thesis supervisor. Therefore, make sure to schedule regular meetings with your supervisor and discuss whatever stumbling blocks you are facing.

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